ThinkXQ won the mandate from Nestlé for the end-to-end management and execution of its annual SAR Leadership Summit. The two-day conference took place on March 22nd and 23rd, 2018, at the Hyatt Andaz Delhi. The conference saw leaders coming together from Nestle India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

The conference was a paperless conference and hence a customised app was created for this event by the agency. All information related to travel, agenda, menus, etc was communicated through this mobile app which could also engage the delegates through live polling and uploading of photos and videos which could be shared with all the attendees. This acted as a platform for communication during the event and boosted networking between Nestlé employees.

The conference venue hall featured a tri-faceted, immersive LED display on stage, which engrossed the audience during presentations and performances. The biggest highlight of the event was the table mapping done on all the 40 tables where the guests were seated. The event started with a Sri Lankan Human Lamp Lighting elegant dance sequence from where the immersive Light & Sound sequence between the LED and tables was created. This left the audience awestruck.

The theme of the conference revolved around the message of the Nestlé progressing from “Winners to Champions” in their field of work. Keeping this in mind and gracing the event with their presence, engineer and innovator Sonam Wangchuk and Olympic medalist P.V. Sindhu delivered inspiring speeches and messages to the Nestlé team.

The conference also saw the coming together of the diverse teams of Nestlé from India, Sri-Lanka and Bangladesh under one roof. Instead of regular presentations, the team plans were shared in interesting and engaging manner. While 1 team used a Chroma shoot format to tell its story, the other team created its presentation taking Flipkart ad as its inspiration. One of the team used 3 different dance forms to create a musical on an English song to deliver its concept while others used Tale of 2 Kitchens to bring the message alive. The HR team picked Ability Unlimited to create customised content to deliver its message. The team at Think XQ aided with the ideation, planning and execution of these presentations, for which seamless day-to-day communication was of utmost importance.

For the Awards’ Night, the awards were given on a fusion of champion songs with LIVE dhol-walas playing on it. To cheer for the winners, the audience was also given different types of musical instruments to join in and play along. This took the entire experience to a different high.

As a closing remark, Chairman and Managing Director of Nestlé Suresh Narayanan appreciated the use of technology for the conference, and stated that India is rapidly becoming more and more digital, and Nestlé has followed suit, with this event as a prime example.

Akshay Chawla, Managing Director of Think XQ, shared his experience organising the conference – “This is the 10th consecutive year that I am managing the SAR Leadership Summit for Nestle. The biggest challenge is when you have to outperform your own self every year and create an experience which is different and XQuisite. For 10 years we have been doing this for Nestle and this year was no exception. This year technology and digital became the core attraction of the event. First time ever an event saw projection on 40 tables with content being created for every presentation for a 2-day conference. The team at Think XQ is really excited and thrilled to deliver a stunning event for Nestle and definitely raised the Xperiential Quotient of their event. It was wonderful working with Nestlé once again, and we hope to continue weaving XQuisite brand stories for them.”