If your next event is going to be your first virtual event, then you are just at the right place. Like many organisations, may be you too are not sure where to start. We can help you with what to consider, before your event goes live!

Let’s start with the human side of it. You may not be the only one who is going online for the first time. Chances are it may be the first online event that your speakers have taken part in. It may be the first online event your exhibitors have been involved in. And it may be the first online event that your attendees have joined. So, there’s a lot to be thought through –about the support you need to offer those stakeholders.

Bracing the basics, one needs to task the event for any of the following: Income generation, lead generation, entertainment, informative or motivational. Next comes time. We must know what timeline we need to turn around. If product is the prime for this event, we must ensure how it would look like online. We can always try and replicate some attributes of a physical event, online.

We all know content can make or mar it, and hence the form, face and voice of it should be exceptional. Engagements are always rewarding and must be made captivating online. In this process, we just can’t miss out on the value proposition for each and all of the stakeholders. Gauging and evaluating the ‘digital suitability’ of each aspect also becomes prime when going virtual or online. After all, it boils down to how all of this, play out online!